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Ailleurs, a sound artwork & installation for the exhibition 'Flanieren mit der Freiheit' curated by Windows of Fame, and taking place during the festival 13. PerformanceReihe Neu-Oerlikon at Oerliker Park.

As long as I can remember I have always wondered if I was free.
Free to live, to make my own choices, to be emancipated,
This became my obsession - to declare my own independence from expectations of others, of societal pressures.
I developed a nomadic stress disorder over time - never able to really belong. 
When you hear this piece, think of all the places where people come from, travel to, daydream about, escape from, start all over. What about you?

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Joëlle Bitton


Excerpts from 'Roman Holidays' (Wyler, 1953), 'Marius' (Korda, 1931), 'Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or' ('Le serpent à plumes' from the soundtrack, 1983)


Marianne Mettler, Windows of Fame


Oerliker Park, Zurich

Featured image:

Excerpt from the movie Marius (Alexander Korda, 1931)