Come Closer

Come Closer is an interactive sound installation, where visitors uncover and hear hidden whispers about loneliness scattered in a public space. It provides a spiritual and intimate experience, inviting visitors to take their time in a meditative and slow pace, connecting with strangers’ voices.

As visitors walk around the space and trigger those whispers, they feel as voices ‘coming from nowhere’ guides and comforts them. This experience addresses in a unique fashion diverse notions of loneliness, an omnipresent yet not often discussed topic in communities all over the world.

Visitors also have the chance to leave their trace by sharing their own whispered message, thus taking part in the installation.

Info & Credits


Aurelian Ammon, Adrienn Bodor, Alessa Gassmann, and Vinzenz Leutenegger, BA students

in Interaction Design, in collaboration with Joëlle Bitton, head of the BA Interaction Design at ZHdK.




Cultural program of Urbane Kirche Zürich