Rabota is a CNC machine on wheels that is uniquely controlled by sleep data. It is an erosion and subtractive machine that transforms sleep data into a physical alteration of a bedroom floor. It’s meant as an interactive fabrication experience, where the CNC-machine responds to fluctuant human personal data instead of a pre-determined geometry.
The overall aesthetics of the machine is abstract. The non figurative impression allows for oddity yet for a vague familiarity at the same time. The Floats by Robert Breer are an inspiration in that sense.

The initial version of the project named ‘Floor Machine’ was conducted in collaboration with Ianis Lallemand.

Our aim was to disorient the occupant of a bedroom by literally eroding the floor she sleeps or stands on. The machine is a type of autonomous wood planer that cuts through the floor as it receives real­ time data from a sleep tracking device.

The pictures show the different steps of conceiving and building such machine.

See step-by-step instructions and detailed documentation on Instructables.

Video documentation:

Info & Credits


Joëlle Bitton


Kevin Hinz and Akshay Goyal (structure and engineering), David Nuñez (programming)
+ Initial version ' Floor Machine' developed together with Ianis Lallemand