Streamline is intended as a smartphone app that allow users to send
data directly to a 3D printer (extruder), in real time, and on the move,
based on a collection of daily moods. It’s bypassing the need for 3D
drawing skills typically required before starting a project, a common obstacle to mainstream fabrication. This is the premise for involving
users with fabrication processes in a direct and affective manner. Taking inspiration from ways that quantified self apps collect data from users
daily, the Streamline app prompts users to state their moods at a particular moment of the day. This stream of moods is interpreted into 3-Dimensional XYZ geometry and sent directly as gCode commands to a 3D printer for fabrication. The fabrication can happen over a day, a week or even longer, thus using latency as a chance encounter to expand the complexity of results. Furthermore, the experience designates distance and connectedness as possible attributes, as two users or more can interact, one controlling another’s printer from different locations.

Info & Credits




Joëlle Bitton


Kevin Hinz & Vincent Roudaut

Research facilities:

Harvard GSD