Superficiel is an online experimental platform that supports various digital art pieces.
The concept of the site is to give a particular insight on the process of creation of interactive and digital art. Hence, it is possible to find there completed works but also sketches, unfinished projects, tests and errors.
Also the works are not organized in hierarchy. They all have an equal access (except for the most recent feature that opens the homepage): they are also quickly accessible: all at the surface (which is why the website is called “superficiel” – superficial in French).

Info & Credits

Co-founded by

Joëlle Bitton and Raphaël Meyer in collaboration with Ulf Harr, Enrico Bravi and Anja Krautgasser


2000 - Present

Superficiel visual ‘Matrix’ by

Ulf Harr, based on a design by Peter Turtschi