Switch On, Switch Off

Switch On/ Switch Off is a creative workshop where participants learn the basic principles of interactivity by building simple electronic circuits. Thus, participants “hack” their bodies and their environment, turning them into switches that activate and deactivate simple electronic circuits. The workshop was created and is facilitated by two artists and designers who do not consider themselves as expert but as intermediate users and who decided to teach and to learn with the participants.

The concept of the workshop is centered on a few principles: it is a drop-in format; very little material is used (encouraging the use of what is at hand, literally); and it is targeted at absolute beginners and people who possibly shy away from technology, of all ages and from all backgrounds. Therefore, the task to perform for the participant is very simple and accessible.

We generally consider creative DIY workshops as open and supportive environments for learning, collaborating, creating art, and possibly embracing a way of life, which is about inclusiveness, empowerment and a proscription of hierarchical systems, in that they generally emphasise the aspects of collaboration and knowledge exchange and they welcome an interdisciplinary and a diverse audience. Switch On Switch Off situates itself among those workshops.

Switch on / Switch off website.

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Joëlle Bitton & Julien Dorra


Presented at Dorkbot Paris/galerie agnès b., FutureEverything 2011, Transmediale 2011, Museumsquartier, Vienna in 2012 hosted by MsBaltazarLaboratory…