Weather Desktop Project

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The ‘Weather Desktop Project’ was created at the invitation of Copie Copains Club, a collective inviting artists to copy other artists. My proposal is a very localized variation on the ‘Weather Project‘ by Olafur Eliasson. What if you could stare at the sun from your computer?

I’m spending more time with my computer than with the sky.
The screen is both my window on the world and my way to hide from it, and also my social representation and my work space. It is my freedom and my alienation. I wake up and fall asleep with it. It is my light, my sun.

On a take on the computer screen being an unnatural pernicious source of light, especially at night, programs such as f.lux have been developed to emulate the natural flow of light. The Weather Desktop Project proposes another alternative, an image to download on your desktop, that brings you the sun and invites you to stare at your screen for as long as you need.

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Joëlle Bitton


Copie Copains Club