White Square Of

“White Square Of”is a pop-up exhibition of 50 objects, printed with a MakerBot over a week.

The objects were all selected based on specific criteria:
– availability on Thingiverse.com
– familiarity with our daily life
– usefulness

Some examples include a funnel, a clothes clip, a camera lens cap, a phone case, a curtain hook, etc..

Visitors of the exhibition are allowed to keep one of the objects and in exchange write up a title and a description on paper, as well as indicating a new object to be printed off in replacement.

As more and more discourses on 3D printing announce a new industrial revolution to come but that is still awaited for, we curated this exhibition as a tangible and renewable artwork to engage the general public directly with the objects, as an echo of their possible future lives.

Video documentation:

Info & Credits


Joëlle Bitton, in collaboration with George Edwards

Video documentation:

David Green

Research Lab & Support:

SiDE, Culture Lab, Newcastle University



Exhibition Space:

B&D Studios, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in June 2012